Sanataideyhdistys Yöstäjä is...

Sanataideyhdistys Yöstäjä is a Finnish nonprofit organization for creative writing. We offer weekly writing courses and workshops for all ages in schools, libraries, folk high schools and events. Founded in 2003, Sanataideyhdistys Yöstäjä is based in Tampere, Pirkanmaa, and we work particularly in this area. Our teaching staff are experienced literature majors, authors, illustrators and art educators.


Why study creative writing?

Our aim is to provide courses and workshops but also to increase knowledge of creative writing as a hobby. Creative writing is a wonderful way to enhance imagination as well as reading and writing skills. In our weekly courses students learn to write different kinds of texts from poetry and prose to comics, play scripts and song lyrics. They are provided with interesting new reading tips and learn to read texts more analytically. Small classes (6 to 12 students in general) ensure that each student is able to receive feedback and support from the teacher.


Weekly courses

Our weekly courses change every year, so remember to check the current course information in our website. Our fall term usually runs from September to December and spring term from January to May. Our courses are organized in collaboration with local folk high schools (Ahjola in Tampere and Pirkan opisto in Nokia) and in Ylöjärvi with the city cultural services. At the moment we have no weekly courses in English, but we have experience in teaching international students in both Finnish and English. Creative writing courses taught in Finnish are also a helpful and motivating way to learn the Finnish language! If you need more information or wish to ask for a tailored workshop in English, please contact us.


Yöstäjä offers:

• weekly writing courses for children and young adults, rhyme groups for parents with babies or toddlers, writing workshops for adults

• publication of students' texts in anthologies, exhibitions and websites, and making renditions of their texts

• writing workshops and performances in schools, kinder gardens, companies, parties and events

• lectures and workshops for professionals of different fields

• producing, editing and proofreading texts by order

• planning and managing literary events

• developing the field of art education and promoting creative writing as a hobby